2nd Cyber Insurance & Incident Response Conference

The 2nd Cyber ​​Insurance & Incident Response Conference 2020 was held virtually on 5th November, the digital conference through the LiveOn which is an exhibition platform. Honored guests from both, business and academia had the opportunity to participate in the Online conference brighten up with useful information the discussions based on their field of specialization.

The conference included four different panels of topics such as:

Panel 1: “Trends & Prospects of the Cyber ​​Insurance Market”
Panel 2: “Legislation & Compliance”
Panel 3: “Cyber ​​Risks Management & Cyber ​​Claims”
Panel 4: “Incident Response – Ransomware Incident Management”

Professor Christos Xenakis from the Department of Digital Systems of Piraeus University had the special honor to participate as a moderator of the debate of the 3rd panel on “Cyber ​​Risks Management & Cyber ​​Claims”.

During the conference, several issues have been discussed that concern the modern business world, such as the trends and prospects of the Cyberinsurance market, but also cybersecurity and how the digital transformation is affected in the pandemic era.

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