Cyberspace, Cybersecurity and Business

Professor Christos Xenakis

Department of Digital Systems

University of Piraeus

The continuous development of computer science and communication technologies has infiltrated in every aspect of our lives, affecting the development in the modern world. The growth of E-Business and the modernization of Public Administration (E-Government) for citizens is an example that society is facing a new era.

Along with the modernization and development of technology, malicious attacks in cyberspace are increasing, threatening the majority of modern society. As a result, cyber-attacks are attempted through complex procedures that lead to security breaches of information systems and the privacy of users.

The need to protect information systems and the privacy of users creates career opportunities in the field of cybersecurity in an ever-increasing market as the high demand creates a fertile ground for the development of the industry.

The new era lays new foundations in cybersecurity and reminds us the need for advanced services to detect and prevent malicious cyber-attacks. Given the situation, more people obtain certifications and University Degrees in the field of Cybersecurity. By 2023 a 165% increase is expected, in the labor market of the cybersecurity sector.

Finally, the European Commission states, “Strengthening the cybersecurity industry will enable European companies to seize opportunities and boost the confidence of citizens and businesses in the digital world.”


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