Anastasios Stasinopoulos


  • Commix - Automated All-in-One OS Command Injection and Exploitation Tool. (Source Code)
  • UINFC2 - Engaging Users in Preventing and Fighting Cyber Crime. (UINFC2)
  • PwnZilla - Web Hacking Challenge Series. (Source Code)
  • ZTExploit - ZTE ZXV10 H108L Router with <= V1.0.01_WIND_A01 - Remote root RCE Exploit. (Source Code)
  • Jaidam Project - An open source penetration testing tool that would take as input a list of domain names, scan them, determine if wordpress or joomla platform was used and finally check them automatically, for web vulnerabilities using WPScan and Joomscan. (Source Code)
  • OWASP Hackademic Challenges Project- An open source project that helps you test your knowledge on web application security. You can use it to actually attack web applications in a realistic but also controlable and safe environment. (Source Code)